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Centre County Mail-in Ballots

Despite the controversy and debate over mail-in ballots thousands of voters still using them Today in Pennsylvania.

In Centre County, a special tabulation center is once again being used.

“The vote by mail center at the Penn Stater commenced work this morning, all our vote by mail ballots are being processed as we speak”

The Penn Stater, again the scene for the special processing and tabulation of Centre County’s mail in ballots. Again this election day, thousand of applications received

“We issued 10,630,as of today we’re scanning 8,180”

Here, the review of the ballots here goes through an extensive confirmation and count process ballots checked several times. The ongoing controversy about the process not impacting how they’ve counted mail-ins, in Centre County for the past several years

“No changes in policy yet. I did see a decrease and part of that is probably has to do with covid as restrictions are being lifted,and more people are going to the polls”

And it’s expected all the mail-ins submitted by Monday in Centre County will be tabulated on Election Day. Those received Tuesday, along with provisional and military ballots will be tabulated later

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