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Centre County Recount Starts Today

In Centre County, the Primary vote recount is set for Wednesday.

As Gary Sinderson reports a special review board is also being activated for the recount.

Centre County Primary election recount scheduled for Wednesday

Centre County’s Election Director Tuesday saying the county’s vote recount begins 9 o’clock Wednesday Morning and with votes in only one race the Republican U.S. Senate being counted the process is expected to be completed within a few hours.

State recount rules require added people, a special validation, review board, to be on hand during the recount

“There are members of our election office who will be appointed along with additional county employees,and some outside people as well”

A particular legal and court issue in this election has been whats termed undated mail in ballots in Centre County they were counted in the initial vote tally

“There were 61 and out of these 58 were counted”

The recount will be done on different vote tallying machines than those used for the first vote count.

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