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Clearfield County Jail in the Spotlight

The Clearfield County Jail has been in the spotlight in recent weeks and not in a good way. Donald White and Robert Miller escaped from the Clearfield County Jail 3 weeks ago, and then all Dayside Correctional Officers at the Prison called out of work in unison twice last week, forcing the Facility into lockdown both times.

On Tuesday, the Clearfield County Prison Board met to discuss those issues at the County Courthouse. The Board revealed a Court Order was signed preventing Pre-Trial Detainees from being outside the jJail at all, unless a Judge signs off. It’s a positive step according to Warden David Kessling. Kessling saying: “When you get an order from a court, it’s supportive of the court to say ‘hey look, this is what we see and this is what we want you to do.’ It gives very clear direction as to what is to occur and what is not to occur, so I welcome that.”

Though Donald White was found a few days ago, he also faces charges in other Counties, making the decision to send him outside very questionable and the Warden took responsibility for not knowing. Kessling saying: “No, if someone had a detainer, they don’t, we don’t let them out because there’s a reason why there’s a detainer filed or lodged against them, so no, I was not aware.”

He says there’s currently an Investigation into the reason the Daytime Corrections Officers called out simultaneously at the end of last week. Despite this sequence of events, District Attorney Ryan Sayers says the Warden’s job is secure. Sayers saying: “The Judge clearly stated, Judge Ammerman (Chair of Prison Board) clearly stated that he has the utmost confidence in the Warden and everything that he’s done over the past two years, and I absolutely second that.”

Sayers says the main takeaway from today was that more needs to be done. Sayers adding: “More cameras, we have staffing issues, which were obviously discussed, we’re down 5 CO’s (Corrections Officers) right now, so there is a slew of things the Prison Board and the commissioners separately need to look at.”

Sayers also continued to encourage the See Something Say Something philosophy, as tips were key to locating White. Robert Miller remains at large.

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