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Clearfield County Juvenile Shootings

Officials in Clearfield County say state police are investigating an alleged shooting that occurred over the weekend involving multiple juveniles.

District Attorney Ryan Sayers says the shooting reportedly occurred Sunday evening in Brady Township.

Due to the juvenile nature of the incident, no further details have been released in regards to possible injuries or the circumstances of the shooting.

In response to what was described as a “tragic” shooting, the DuBois Area School District sent a letter to parents advocating for increased gun safety and responsibility.

As parents, educators, and members of this community, we all share a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of our children. One crucial aspect of this responsibility is promoting awareness and understanding of gun safety. While we cannot erase the pain of this tragic event, we can work together to educate our children about the importance of responsible gun ownership.

The school district also asked for privacy for the family involved.

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