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Brady Township Juvenile Shooting Update

We continue to follow the shooting between two juveniles in Clearfield County that occurred on Sunday Night

Reporter Zac Kaye was in the Dubois area Today working to get answers

Authorities and investigators continue to give limited information about the incident in Brandy Township

Clearfield County District Attorney Ryan Sayers told us Yesterday that the alleged shooting on Sunday Night in Brady Township was between multiple juveniles after just recently speaking with him,

Sayers says he has no new information on the shooting Today.

I also spoke with multiple parents from the Dubois Area School District, who say they were devastated to hear the news after the Superintendent sent out a ‘call for collective action’ letter to families on Monday.

Dubois Area School District Superintendent Wendy Benton sent out a letter to families on Monday Night asking them to promote gun safety and responsibility.

She says quote ‘I urge parents to be vigilant in monitoring their children’s access to firearms and to take proactive steps to prevent unauthorized use.’

Later in the letter, she says that if a child needs or wants to speak to someone about this incident, the Dubois Area School District Counselors will be available during the day.

Details on names and ages of those involved are still very limited, but Superintendent Benton does say in her letter quote ‘additional opportunities for counseling after the school day are being coordinated and will be communicated to middle school families.’

I attempted to reach out to Superintendent Benton Today to learn more about the counseling mentioned in her letter but she did not return my call.

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