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Commissioners Call For 911 Funding Boost

For many its one of the first things you think of if you’re in an emergency, or see one call 911.

In Pennsylvania, every phone user pays a 911 surcharge, that includes a $1.65 surcharge. The fee, that helps fund 911 system, hasn’t changed since 2015 despite rising equipment and tech costs.

Counties are paying a greater burden of the costs

Counties are calling on the State legislature to act before the current law thats sets the 911 surcharge, expires at the end of January.

Governor Josh Shapiro is proposing to raise it to a $1.97. If the law lapses, the surcharge goes to zero, and counties and tax payers will be paying more, as the state’s emergency management director outlined in a September State Senate hearing

Like many places, nationwide, at 911 call centers they’re hiring there’s staffing shortage.

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