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Deadly Punxsutawney Walmart Shooting

This is where State Police confirm a man was shot and killed Today.

Things are looking normal now, but that wasn’t the case at 12:15 this afternoon.

State Police saying it was a fight between two men, ending with gunfire

At this moment, we have not been given the name of either men or their relationship to each other. State Police saying in a release earlier today that the suspect is in custody and that there is currently no danger to the public.

State Police say the incident happened at the Walmart Supercenter on Route 119 just after noon.

Their limited release says it started as an “altercation” and ended with the fatal shooting.

Before coming here to the State Police Barracks, I waited until the local magistrate’s office closed at 4.

They told me that if the suspect is going to be arraigned after they close, it would be by video conference from the jail.

We also asked Walmart for comment.

Their statement says they are working with the police in the investigation and were clear it happened in the parking lot.

We talked to a local store manager in the Walmart Plaza.

She Told us she didn’t hear the shot, but learned about it from customers and took action by locking the door

“It was a shock to hear about it. In a sleepy town like Punxsy, felt like we were safe but it’s crazy to hear that something like that could happen so close to home.
Definitely a shock, was difficult to take in at first for sure.”

We asked the Jefferson County District Attorney for more information but were told the office had nothing to release at this time.

Soon after the shooting was reported, the Punxsutawney School District went on what it calls a perimeter hold, where no one is allowed outside of the building.

The district posted on-line that the hold was lifted a short time later

Walmart and the other businesses located in the shopping center are continuing to operate normally.

We will be sure to update you as soon as we get more information on this ongoing investigation.


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