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Election Rallys

Election Day coming up and the candidates for Governor are hitting the trail this weekend. Democrat Attorney General Josh Shapiro attending a meet and greet at a local barber shop in Philadelphia Saturday to talk to people about his plans for jobs, education and public safety.

He also said a reproductive rights rally at Philadelphia City Hall. Republican nominee State Senator Doug Mastriano also on the trail, he and his Lieutenant Governor runningmate Kari Delrosso, at a rally in Scranton area on Saturday. Mastriano spoke about lowering property taxes and prioritizing coal while also talking about the past COVID 19 mandates.

He also told supporters to get out there, register to vote.

“There’s many, many people out there who still aren’t registered to vote or don’t vote much at all. We have to get them motivated.”

That deadline. The Register is Today. Polls in the race continue to show. Shapiro Leading while in the U.S. Senate polls between John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz. That shows a tossup.


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