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Elk County Humane Society

As we reach the holiday gifting season there’s a message from local animal shelters. Do not give an animal as a gift unless you are fully prepared, for the lifelong commitment.

Many shelters are at or over capacity, such as the facility in Saint Marys, and they want the animals they have up for adoption to go to responsible families that are prepared to raise and care for the pet.

“You’re not only looking at feeding, walking a dog, spending time playing with your cats, playing with the dog, keeping their minds stimulated, but you’re also looking at vet bills, taking them to the vet, making sure they stay current on vaccines. Making sure they have the proper care they need.”

Shelters encourage the adopt. Don’t shop mentality if you are serious about getting a pet.

If you’re interested in visiting any of the available animals the Elk County Humane Society is open in the afternoons every day except Wednesday and Sunday.

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