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Penn State Students Helping Veterans

A new program in the works at Penn State is aiming to assist veterans in getting a start in new business ventures.

Penn State’s business incubator program, Launchbox, has been successful statewide, helping entrepreneurs with startup companies and other business-related assistance.

What’s in the works now is a similar program for vets through the Veterans Business Outreach Center at Penn State.

“The program itself provides training to our service members to prepare them for entrepreneurship and to give them the tools they need to become business owners and increase their new venture success rate.”

That kind of support and assistance has proven to be valuable, especially for those getting involved in new business.

“When an entrepreneur tries to do it by themselves, with no help from anybody, the odds aren’t good. If you utilize business incubators like Launchbox, or Bellefonte Springboard, you generally at least double your chances of being successful.”

Currently, there are close to 700,000 veterans in Pennsylvania.

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