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First Day of School at Bald Eagle Area School District

Wingate Elementary School has it’s first day of school, in terms of of staffing the district says they will be ready

“When we do advertise for a job, we just don’t have the applicants. They’re just not there. It’s amazing to me. I’ve been doing this thirty one years, principal for twenty, going into year twenty one.
You know, when you’re advertising for a job, a teaching job, you’re getting five or six applicants. Never thought I’d see it.”

The district is also working with the school bus contractor to try to ease the driver shortages for students going to and from the district’s 6 schools.

The district’s Athletic Director recently reached out to parents, via social media to encourage them to get licensing to drive school buses for athletic events.

In terms of staffing the director of elementary education says the district is doing well. And will have some positions finalized within the next couple of weeks. However, he says the overall lack of applicants for open positions hurts the district.

He says the “negative” attention that public school districts get is part of the reason, he feels, for the lack of applicants.

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