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Former DA Jeff Thomas Sentenced

27 months to seven years — that’s the amount of time former Somerset County District Attorney Jeff Thomas will be spending in prison. He was sentenced on Thursday and prosecuting Attorneys say their experience then was “Bone chilling.” Judge Tim Creany says the case weighs heavily on him and that he doesn’t doubt that a side of Jeff is a family man, but he said that Jeff’s actions after being charged proves he also has a dark side and that he wants his sentence to help rehabilitate him.

Former Somerset County District Attorney Jeff Thomas heard his legal fate in court Thursday, after being convicted of assaulting a Windber woman in September of 2021. The victim in this case spoke, saying that Thomas quote: “Stole her independence.”

The father and wife of Jeff Thomas also spoke saying that Jeff being away from the children has caused a burden on the family both emotionally and practically. A former Intern in the DA’s Office also spoke about Thomas’ character. He says Jeff was a mentor to him.

Chief Deputy Attorney General Patrick Schulte told Jeff that his children are also victims of these crimes, and that he wasn’t thinking about his kids on the night of the assault. PA Chief Dep. Attorney General Patrick Schulte adding: “By virtue of this sentence, the people of Somerset County can turn the stain that Jeffrey Thomas left behind.”

When speaking to Judge Timothy Creany, Jeff said that his life has been ruined as a result of the case. He asked the Judge not to take away any more time with his family, saying quote: “Every day away from them is a day I’ll never get back.” Judge Creany ended up sentencing Thomas 27 to 84 months in prison, and pay a $1,900 fine. The former DA is also required to register as a tier 1 Sex Offender for the next 15 years.

In March 2023, the Jury found Thomas not guilty on 3 of his most serious charges. Those being sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault, and simple assault (for biting the victim). The charges they did find him guilty on include strangulation (in conjunction with sexual violence), indecent assault without consent, one count of simple assault, and others.

Defense Attorneys say they expect Thomas to appeal his sentence and will not be representing him anymore. Officials say Counsel will now be provided to Thomas at the expense of the County.

Thomas is currently staying at the Cambria County Prison until a long term confinement is determined.

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