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Giles Jury Selection Begins

We have the latest on a Johnstown man accused of killing his wife. That man made an appearance in Court Tuesday ahead of his Trial that is expected to start next week. Authorities are looking for 16 Jury members — 12 on the Jury and four Alternates — for a case with Investigators alleging Brian Giles killed his wife Nancy.

Ten of those selections were made Tuesday — six men and four women — and the other selections are expected to be made Wednesday. Brian Giles is facing charges of homicide and aggravated assault after an investigation spanning over five years.

It was October 2018 Nancy Giles was reported missing according to Authorities and May 2019 she was found in a shallow grave on a trail near the bottom of the Johnstown Inclined Plane. Last week, we sat down with Giles at the Cambria County Prison to talk about the case. No recording devices — including notepads — were allowed during the interview. Giles maintained his innocence and said he doesn’t believe that the Authorities are giving him a fair shake.

His Defense Attorney tells us he agrees, but based on the Jury selected so far, he does anticipate the Jury will be fair as the Defense and Prosecution look forward to the long-awaited trial getting started. Defense Attorney Tim Burns saying: “We’re looking forward to Mr. Giles finally getting his day in court… proclaiming his innocence.” District Attorney Greg Neugebauer saying: “Really looking forward to getting our day in court… to get justice for her memory, for her family, for her friends.”

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