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PA Special Olympics Summer Games

In just over a week, the Pennsylvania Special Olympics Summer Games will be held once again at Penn State with the support of the area community. That support is a key reason the Special Olympics Summer Games remain at Penn State. 2,000 Athletes from across the State, along with 750 Coaches at various Universities facilities are assisted by Community Volunteers.

Sue Paterno of the PA Special Olympics saying: “This place has always provided volunteers to help us get it done quickly and efficiently and take good care of the athletes. The athletes loved them.” You can volunteer for all three days of the Summer Games – or just a few hours, no special skill required – just some time and commitment if you haven’t already, now is the time to sign up. Sue adding: “We need two two thousand different jobs but that means about a thousand people, because some people do two jobs. Its easy to sign up.”

Its is easy to Volunteer, you can do it through the Special Olympics website. The Summer games kicking off with opening ceremonies next Thursday, June 6th. Even if you don’t Volunteer, you’re still encouraged to stop by the various venues to support the athletes.

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