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Heat Safety

As the temperatures rise so do the risks of heat-related-illness.

Medical professionals warn against the dangers of exposure and advise on how to prevent a heat-related emergency.

“So, you definitely don’t want to be picking one of those days to be mowing the lawn or doing any excess type of outside work, you want to stay hydrated, go in the shade as much as possible, you want to wear sunblock, definitely check on your neighbors at that point in time, but staying hydrated is the most important.”

It is also important to pay attention to your body, and monitor it for signs of heat exhaustion

“Excess sweating, some people will have shortness of breath, a feeling of weakness, and then later on you can faint, you will feel your heart racing. So, any of those symptoms you want to go inside and get a drink of water and rest.”

We urge you to stay safe and hydrated this weekend and don’t forget to check on your elderly neighbors who are most at risk.

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