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Heated Forest Hills School Board Meeting

Recent threatening social media posts directed towards the students and staff in the Forest Hills School District have prompted an FBI investigation, according to a press release. This following a suicide of one of the districts students. Select community members say they are outraged about the situation, saying they believe it happened due to bullying.

The release states that the district took immediate action after becoming aware of “concerning social media activity”, and that it was determined that the issue extends beyond the scope of school jurisdiction and implicates potential criminal activity.

Officials with the school are asking individuals who have screenshots or copies of social media posts that specifically name students, staff or are threatening in nature toward the school district to email them to

According to the release, all evidence is being directed to the assigned FBI Special Agent assisting in the investigation.

The press release states that anyone making posts that individually target students, staff or the school district will be subject to federal charges.

Officials said they urge anyone with information relevant to the investigation to come forward and cooperate with law enforcement authorities.


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