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Jake Corman Endorses Barletta

A major shakeup among the GOP after Republican candidate for Governor Jake Corman announced he’s dropping out of the race to endorse challenger Lou Barletta.

“I won’t be checking my name”

Senator Jake Corman pulling out of the race for Governor Thursday…

“I ask you to check Lou Barletta’s name”

Endorsing former Congressman Lou Barletta.

“Lou Barletta is the man at the right time the right place for the people of Pennsylvania and I’m happy here today to support him”

“I have a history of beating Democrats”

Corman says he’s putting his party first by bringing it together behind one candidate, he believes, can beat Democrat Josh Shapiro come Fall.

“It is increasingly evident that it’s important for Republicans to get behind one candidate who can win a nomination and then actually beat Josh Shapiro in November”

“The question is what kind of an impact will it have”

The move comes as Senator Doug Mastriano pulls away from the pack in polls, taking the lead days before the May 17th election.

“I think it is a recognition that Doug Mastriano is probably not the best contender for Republicans in November”

“It’s clear that they are concerned”

“This has nothing to do with him or any other candidate”

“I think Lou offers us the best chance to win”

With five days until election day some say it’s too late.

“This is something that Jake Corman and half of the field should have done six weeks ago”

“If you do this weeks ago people sort of forget it and it’s not as big of a picture”

“People could’ve had a reasonable amount of time to make a judgment about peoples characters and their policies, what has happened here in the meantime is that Doug mastriano may have built an insurmountable lead”

Come Tuesday voters will see 9 names on the Republican side of the ballot for Governor.

Corman’s included.

“It’s going to come down to margins”

Both Democrats and Republicans wondering if it could affect the outcome.

“The best thing that the Democrats can get out of this primary is that we come out of this fractured”

“The right thing is to coalesce as it should have probably happened maybe a little sooner but nevertheless there’s still time”

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