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K n B Inflatables Lawsuit

An update now on a federal case we first told you about last year after a disabled Centre County veteran claims that a local business forced him to leave due to his service dog.

We first met Christopher Taylor and his dog Zeke last spring.

A few weeks earlier, Taylor said he went to see one of his grandkids at a K n B Inflatables recreation center.

Taylor said an employee told him he had to leave due to Zeke, because the store’s insurance didn’t cover dogs on the premises.

Police were called, and Taylor and Zeke left.

Taylor is a Vietnam War veteran with a degenerative joint disease.

He filed lawsuit in federal court claiming the business violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The store has since closed, but the owner claims it’s not due to the lawsuit.

This week, a federal judge ruled that the lawsuit is still alive, although he ruled against Taylor filing an amended complaint.

However, the judge did side with Taylor in ruling that K n B’s legal response is dismissed, because it wasn’t filed through an attorney.

The K n B owner claimed Taylor was enraged and hostile and forced his way inside the store, despite being asked to leave.

Taylor denies that, saying he was trying to explain that Zeke is a service animal to the employee and wasn’t allowed to show documentation.

Taylor says he then went to a security guard and asked that the police be contacted.

There is no word yet on what’s next in his federal suit.

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