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Pa Hunting And Trapping License Changes

Hunters, listen up! There have been some changes to the upcoming hunting and trapping season.

We spoke to an official from the Pennsylvania Game Commission as well as the Assistant Manager of a local hunting shop and although they say there’s not much different from last season to this one – the biggest change is how hunters can purchase their antlerless deer license.

“The biggest change for hunters and our deer hunters in particular is the change in the way that antlerless deer licenses will be obtained in the coming license year,”

Lau says this change follows a change in the law last year.

“That had long been a mail in application process where hunters would mail pink envelops that were issued with their licenses to county treasurer offices and wait to see if their application was processed and they get a license, Now that’s changing where hunters will be able to purchase antlerless deer licenses anywhere hunting licenses are sold, including online.”

Lau says when hunters can get their antlerless deer license has also changed for this season.

“Antlerless licenses go on sale the first day of license sales which is Monday June 26th at 8:00 am That in itself is a change because it had been previously that antlerless license sale didn’t begin until about a month after general licenses were on sale and you had to get your general license first.”

With these changes Lau predicts there to be long lines at hunting shops across Pennsylvania when licenses go on sale such as the Ebensburg Fishing and Hunting shop in Cambria County.

“This is the first year well be selling antlerless license doe tags, yes,”

Zearing believes this change could a good thing for not only hunters –

“I mean it’s definitely a big change, you know, It’s always been apply for doe licenses through the courthouses or through the mail.”

But a good thing for businesses as well.

“It’ll definitely increase our business selling more doe tags. I think it’ll just be more convenient that people can buy them all at one time You can come in and buy them the same time you purchase your hunting license for the year. Hunting licenses go on sale June 26th Monday, and you can get your first-round doe tag.”

If you have any questions about purchasing your antlerless deer license this season – you can visit a hunting store near you or contact the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

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