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Kevin Siehl Settlement

Lawyers for the estate of Kevin Siehl announced an $8.2 million settlement with Johnstown Police, the Cambria County District Attorney’s office and state police in his wrongful conviction lawsuit.

Siehl was accused of killing his wife in 1991 but later won release from prison after a judge ruled that the evidence used to convict him had been tainted.

In 2018, Siehl’s defense filed the wrongful conviction lawsuit against the police and the prosecution.

Siehl passed away in March but his family continued the lawsuit on his behalf.

“The accountability and the acknowledgment that has been obtained through this settlement is something (his family) had been looking for their entire adult lives. Their father was taken away from them, there was this cloud that hung over their family name when their father was accused of not just any crime, but a terrible violent personal offense, and they knew along he was innocent,”

Last Thursday, Cambria County’s solicitor confirmed that the county agreed to pay $600,000 to settle the case without acknowledging liability.

Officials did not disclose the individual amounts that the city and state police were ordered to pay, and neither would comment on the case.

Siehl’s lawyers say the settlement is one of the the largest payout for a case in state history.

“The magnitude of this settlement is a fitting recognition for the outrageous and shocking misconduct that led to Mr. Siehl’s conviction for a crime he did not convict,”

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