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Penndot Command Center

Last week’s snowstorm was a reminder of how dangerous roadways can be with winter conditions.

PennDOT’s statewide monitoring system for many highways helps in preparing for and dealing with storm conditions, but officials are again warning motorists that sometimes the safest option is to simply stay off the roads.

It’s a room that looks like a video gamer’s dream.

“So, if anything impacts a state-owned roadway, it comes through this center.”

It’s one of four of PennDOT’s Regional Transportation Management Centers in Pennsylvania.

The one near Clearfield provides camera views of many of the major roads in our region and the workers are always in emergency alert mode.

“We cover 26 counties. We are integrated with the majority of 911 centers in our region. The second there’s an incident at a 911 center, we get an alert here.”

Weather and storm information is constantly updated at the center, and a snowstorm especially activates numerous communication links, including getting word to the public.

“It allows them to make an informed decision if they want to travel during winter. Some of the safest ways during winter is for the public to stay home.”

For PennDOT the center is a busy place, during a busy time of the year.

“It’s our busiest time of year, because were preparing for the unknown. We don’t know how big winter is going to be, how many storms were going to have.”

A reminder for motorists, you can always get an update on various road conditions, even the location of PennDOT plow trucks, through

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