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Labor Shortage Continues

Labor shortages continue to challenge many businesses across the country, including right here in our region.

However, at the Bedford County Quarterly Membership meeting today, officials spoke on how people with disabilities or a criminal background could help alleviate this issue.

“Unfortunately we have a labor supply issue here in our area,”

Rickabaugh and other members of the Bedford County Board of Directors say something needs to be done about the labor shortages here in our area and they have an idea.

“Every company needs employees right now and sometimes the people in our communities that need the jobs the most are people with disabilities, people with criminal histories,”

Officials say these people are typically overlooked because of assumptions they may not perform as well as others.

“This is a talent pool that people often overlook because they fear the risk, but in reality reports are showing those who have a criminal background are performing at or above the individuals that are in those positions,”

The speakers say a large number of the regions available workforce is released from area prisons.

And in 2020, 85% of human resources and 81% of business leaders say these individuals have the same ability as people without known disabilities or criminal records.

“Businesses could take a chance on somebody who maybe they wouldn’t have thought about before, now’s the time,”

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