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Man Sentenced in Altoona Shooting

Timothy McLendon was sentenced Friday to 2.5 Years minus a day in prison. Police say McLendon was originally charged with attempted homicide after he reportedly drove to a home along 6th Avenue in the City of Altoona where he confronted the victim about alleged sexual assault accusations made by McLendon’s estranged Wife.

He ultimately pleaded Guilty to Aggravated Assault. Blair County District Attorney Peter Weeks saying: “The Commonwealth forwarded an offer to resolve the case to plea to Felony 1 Aggravated Assault in exchange for a sentence of 2.5-5 Years less a day to be served in the County. That was the sentence in the mitigated range guidelines that recognize the very unique circumstances of the McLendon case.”

The Commonwealth also took note that McLendon was an Honorably Discharged Veteran with the U.S. Armed Services.

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