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Moshannon Valley Emergency Services Headquarters

In Moshannon Valley, a long awaited expansion of an area Emergency Medical Center is moving closer to reality. Organizers say they are putting together funding assistance from a variety of sources. Its called the financial trifecta for the planned new headquarters for the Moshannon Valley Emergency Services Headquarters. This week, an application is approved for $300,000 in Federal Funding for the project — joining funds from Local and State Grant programs in helping to provide a total of just over $2 Million.

The Philipsburg EMS Service has outgrown its current cramped quarters. Also, the new site will offer expanded services. Moshannon Valley EMS Chief Wes Cartwright saying: “We did hire a Regional Training Coordinator. We’re going to be doing a lot of training through the program. Hopefully EMT, Paramedic, Advanced EMTs and so forth.”

Its a project that’s been in the works for nearly seven years. The new EMS Headquarters at the former Philipsburg State Hospital site will cover nearly 10,000 square feet. Centre County Commissioner Mark Higgins adding: “This would be a great project. Improve safety and health for people in the Moshahnon Valley area. Additional job creation, additional training.”

The Mo Valley EMS, which primarily serves Centre and Clearfield Counties, handles more than 1,400 calls a year.

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