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Thursday’s Rough Road Conditions

We monitored road conditions on Thursday and asked Drivers about the impact on their trips. While the highways were empty for the most part, there were sections of I-80 with nothing but miles of trucks in the right-hand lane. All of this slowing down Interstate journeys.

One Commercial Driver says he is traveling from New Jersey to Indiana. Commercial Driver Chris Grazioso saying: “In the morning, when I originally mapped out the trip, I should have been there maybe between seven and nine in the morning. Depending upon how long I’m here, that’s not happening.” He said confusion of Commercial Vehicle Restrictions kept him at the rest stop. Grazioso adding: “About maybe two miles down the road here on 80 West, it just said all ‘commercial vehicles’– you know, ‘no commercial vehicles.’ So, this was the first stop that I could get to where I’m, you know, not potentially putting myself at risk or, you know, somebody else.”

Still others had difficulties getting to their destinations. Trevor Beck, a local Commuter who crashed saying: “Just was coming into work this morning, lost control of the vehicle here, and just slid off the road.” He crashed into a road sign along Route 150 in Benner Township.

Another person crashing along West College Avenue. Tselmag Enkhtur, another Commuter saying: “The visibility of the road and, you know, hazardous weather, I would say. I just couldn’t see.”

This keeping tow truck drivers busy. Towtruck Driver Ryan Dunlap saying: “So far it’s been a lot of same stuff like this, just people sliding off the road and sliding through intersections and stuff. This is probably my third one, but I’d say we’ve probably done 12 or so at our shop so far.”

At 3:30pm on Thursday, PennDOT lifted restrictions on I-80 for our area.

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