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Much Of Our Area Under Flood Watch

The National Weather Service has sent out a Flood Watch for tomorrow for those in Centre, Bedford, Huntingdon, and Blair County.

The State College Borough has been working all day to make sure they are ready for potential flooding.

The National Weather Service says the Flood Watch will be in effect from Tuesday Afternoon through Wednesday Afternoon.

One local fire company talks about how a similar situation affected this area years ago.

The National Weather Service says that the rain and snowmelt could lead to flooding of rivers and low lying locations.

Centre County, along with many of the counties in our coverage area are supposed to be getting more snow starting Tuesday Morning, followed by rain in the afternoon and all throughout the night.

Van Winter is the Fire Chief at Boalsburg Fire Company and he says this scenario led to flooding in the Boalsburg area several years ago. He talks about how the streams and rivers were affected then and could be this week.

“The snow accumulation that we already have and the additional rain on top of it, you’re going to see streams come up faster, and that’s going to be the biggest thing because you have all the moisture laying on the ground,
the snow’s going to melt and it’s going to go into the tributaries a lot faster.”

Winter says that if you experience flooding in your home, it is important to make sure to turn

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