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New Castle Woman Charged In Infant Death

A New Castle woman is facing several charges after she’s accused of killing her boyfriend’s 18-month-old daughter in June.

Investigators say, she was poisoned over a matter of months.

20-Year-old Alesia Owens faces charges headlined by criminal homicide, attempted homicide and aggravated assault of a child in connection to the death of her boyfriend’s 1-year-old daughter Iris Alfera.

She appeared in court late last week to answer questions related to the allegations.

Investigators say an autopsy found the toddler died of Acetone poisoning which is a chemical used in nail polish and paint removers.

Investigators also say they found disturbing Google searches in the months leading up to the child’s death.

They say she searched products that would kill a child and how to pass a polygraph test.

The father’s child is not facing any charges.


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