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New Testimony In Former Bellwood Antis Wrestling Coach Case

We have new testimony in the sexual assault preliminary hearing involving the former school wrestling coach

Our Stoker Wieczorek is currently in the Blair County Courthouse listening to testimony at the preliminary hearing in regards to Head Wrestling Coach at Bellwood Antis, Timothy Andrekovich and Athletic Director, Charles Burch

Who are both staff at the Bellwood Antis School District where the sexual assaults happened

The man convicted of sexual assault, Ryan Blazier is the former coach in question.

They say wrestle offs would occur for students to get a position they wanted on the team.

One students mother says she confronted school officials after seeing her son come home with a black and blue face and a busted lip

The witness reportedly said quote “my son is very upset.”

Witnesses are also accusing Burch and Andrekovich of not addressing the situation.

They says they came into the locker room where wrestlers were and allegedly saw Blazier showering in sight of students.

The hearing is still going on, so continue to stay with us as we work to find out more.


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