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Pa Mental Health

Its an issue in numerous aspects of daily lives now mental health problems and services. Across the state, county commissioners are asking the state legislature to allocate more funding for mental health programs.

More now from Gary Sinderson.

During the past few years dealing with the pandemic raising mental health awareness, straining so called safety nets and counseling access, especially in person appointments also a factor

“We did see a decrease in access to our services at the beginning of the pandemic, just because of figuring out how to do tele health services, but as that ha stabilized we have slowly seen an increase back to where we were”

If you or someone needs help, and you cant get an appointment right away there are usually options

“They contact our office and we talk through the options for additional services, crisis management, sometimes our psych program doesn’t have a waiting list to have those services until they get the services they need”

CCAP, the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania selecting increased state funding for mental health systems as their current top legislative priority, saying the state funding has lagged behind the need for years.

They’re asking the legislature to restore mental health budget cuts from a decade ago especially with the billions of dollars the state has in Federal Covid Relief money.

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