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Penn State Vs. Michigan Stripe Out Game

Penn State coach James Franklin watched his team turn a comfortable victory over Maryland into a rout, then made it clear he doesn’t care much about style points.

“We’ve won a decent amount. Not as much as what everybody wants, I get that,” Franklin said. “But I also think we’ve taken winning for granted a little bit. We win games and you come into the press conference and it doesn’t necessarily feel like that.
I want to feel good for wins because they’re hard to get, and there’s examples that you guys could use as well every week of people that don’t win the way they’re supposed to win, or don’t win at all.

“So that’s what I’d like to do. I’d like to be happy for 15 minutes, and then get on to the next opponent.”

Franklin won’t have that much time to savor his team’s 51-15 victory Saturday, because now the ninth-ranked Nittany Lions face No. 2 Michigan a season after the Wolverines rushed for 418 yards against Penn State. The Nittany Lions look much improved in that regard at least. They held Maryland to minus-49 yards on the ground.

This week Versus Michigan is Penn States Stripe Out game

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