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Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Services Continue

Early Tuesday morning Pleasant Hill Baptist Church along Peelor Street in Johnstown was deemed a “total loss” by fire crews on scene.

On Sunday, members of the church gathered for a service for the first time since at Shiloh Baptist Church on Menoher Boulevard.

They said today was a celebration of their pastor Clyde Williams Jr. ninth year with the church, and it is an anniversary they will not be forgetting.

Deacon at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Jeffrey Wilson said it was a tragedy Tuesday morning that brought tears to those connected to the church, but they are looking forward to what is next.

“A new beginning will come for Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, so we are confident, We may cry inside, but we also know that God already had a plan, and that although our church stood for almost 100 years that the church is just a building full of brick and mortar, but the church is the people.”

He said the community has been a blessing in this time.

“We’ve had a plethora of churches that have offered where we’re able to go and praise and still continue to do God’s work, We’re looking forward to continuing God’s work as we plan building a new church.”

They said next Sunday’s service will be at 11 a.m. at Crucified Ministries located at 220 Maple Avenue in Johnstown.

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