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Pennslyvania State Police Hearing For Centre County Stop Resceduled

There is another update in the case of a motorist who claims he was assaulted by state police during a traffic stop in Centre County.

Dash cam footage shared last month shows the traffic stop of Dereck Raimey, in early December, in rural Centre County.

Pennsylvania state police troopers say they first tried to stop Raimey on Interstate 80 and he reportedly took off at a high rate of speed, and wasn’t stopped until about ten minutes later, where it appears he was then punched multiple times.

In his mugshot, Raimey’s left eye looks to be swollen shut.

Raimey is facing a host of criminal charges including fleeing and eluding police, reckless driving, and then, after being stopped, resisting arrest.

Police also say Raimey admitted to using cocaine while driving.

After a preliminary hearing, where Raimey’s charges were bound over for trial, his attorney filed a motion to suppress evidence, claiming there are problems with the police explanation of why they originally tried to stop him.

Police say he changed lanes on I-80 and was following a truck too closely.

A court hearing on the defense motion was originally scheduled for early this month, but a new order from the presiding judge has rescheduled the hearing for April 30th.

The order also notes three hours will be allotted for the hearing, which could determine whether Raimey will eventually stand trial.

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