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Peter O’Rourke – Crystal Cutting and Repair

Encore Presentation

This week we spoke with Peter O’Rourke, one of the rare craftsmen with the skill to repair antique crystal. After his studies in his home country of Ireland, Peter was contacted to come to come to the US to make crystal for Lenox. O’Rourke eventually would open his own business cutting these beautiful pieces out of the factory in Mount Pleasant.

Peter shows us some examples of some immaculate pieces that he worked on for high ranking politicians including former Presidents and Vice Presidents.

Peter talks about repairing these unique pieces of antique cut crystal, and how few people remain with the skills to do these repairs. O’Rourke talks about the history of Glass Factories in Mount Pleasant. Peter explains the changes in taste for consumers and how crystal cutters have changed their designs over the years. Finally, he tells us a little about the process that goes into cutting a bowl into a finished piece of crystal.

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