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PSU Celebrates Graduating Class of 2020

For members of Penn State’s Graduating Class of 2020, the start of the Pandemic meant they didn’t get to have the Pomp and Circumstance of a Graduation Ceremony. That is, until this past Saturday. 2 years after they should have, the 2020 Class got their long promised Graduation Ceremony, a 2 year journey that began with a Spring Break that never ended. One Graduate saying: “It was March of 2020, we were on Spring Break and we got the call that we weren’t going back to School. We were going home for just a couple of weeks and it ended up being the rest of the Semester.” Another Graduate saying: “I extended my Spring break because I thought it was going to be a small delay, not that it was a Semester-ending On-Campus delay.”

Now, back on campus, the chance to finally celebrate and reminisce. Although this Class lost a lot, this weekend provided the chance to celebrate as they continue the journey of the rest of their lives.

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