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Raystown Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Five decades after its dedication, officials say the Raystown Dam is being celebrated for its service to the community and visitors.

Officials say the size of the dam but also the hundreds of millions of dollars in flood damage that it has helped prevent are some of the project’s biggest accomplishments.

Officials say it was a part of the 1936 Flood Control Act, leading to the construction of the Raystown Lake Dam we know now, happening in the mid 60’s.

During the original ceremony, then Vice President Gerald Ford dedicated the Raystown Dam.

Officials say it was a team effort to maintain operations at and around the facility, which has helped millions of people create memories, and draw in millions of dollars, from tourism, to the community.

“We do a lot of partnering with the folks in our community and other agencies. We couldn’t manage the properties the way that we do without support from a lot of people,”

Officials say they also want to recognize people who had to give up their land for this project, as well as the people who maintained it throughout the years.

“What you see here is the product of incredible selfless service and dedication to work that people probably don’t realize is even happening,”

Officials took the opportunity to emphasize water safety, saying life jackets help keep the memories made at Raystown Lake happy.

As part of the re-dedication celebration, there are several events planned for in and around the lake.

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