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Richland Township Schoolbus Passing Violations

A record number of violations of drivers passing stopped school buses this year at Richland School District officials said.

Richland School District Superintendent Arnold Nadonley said over 500 school bus stop violations were reported this year, averaging over three a day in the district.

He said despite a campaign putting signs on scalp avenue to discourage drivers from running the school bus stop sign, that is where about 75 percent of the violations happened this year.

Scalp avenue is not a divided highway Nadonley said, and he hopes to inform the public that drivers on either side of the road must stop for a bus with its stop sign out.

Schools officials said the district is looking to make next year’s campaign on scalp stronger, but there is also work to do to combat the nearly 150 violations throughout the rest of the district.

Nadonley said the district was able to keep track of the number of violations this year after adding several cameras to each bus, and said the results are eye-opening.

Officials said violators pay a $300 fine if caught running a school bus stop sign in Richland School District.

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