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Ski Resorts Say This Is The Best Weather For Making Snow

While some of us are already over the snow and cold weather ski resort managers tell us it’s the best weather for snowmaking as single digit temperatures sweep our region.

Just a few weeks ago, soggy green and brown slopes were what you’d be seeing behind me

But now, local ski resort managers say to me, bone chilling weather conditions are a huge help for their business and more.

Resort leaders say they are taking advantage of the extra cold weather.

Brett Cook, from Seven Springs and affiliates, says the snow this week feels dry and fluffy.

Directors at Tussey Mountain say they have been able to open their slopes after a rough start.”

Skiers and snowboarders I heard from say this makes it more comfortable to hit the slopes, and not have to deal with as much condensation in their gear.

One skier says the single digits don’t bother him.

“It was pretty good and powdery. It was really nice to ride on.”

“It is the best weather you could have for snowmaking, and to get people thinking about skiing and snowboarding. So, couldn’t be more excited for this cold temp, and wish it would extend even further.”

Cook says the steepest slope in the state, a Double Black Diamond called Lower Wildcat on Laurel Mountain, is expected to open on Saturday.


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