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State College Appoints Superintendent

Curtis Johnson has been named as the State College Area School District’s new Superintendent. Johnson saying: “I ended up here by luck.” Curtis Johnson was talking about a phone call he received about 20 years ago from a State College School District Administrator urging him to take a job with the District.

After being a Principal, and for the past ten months – the District’s Interim Superintendent, the School Board Monday night removing the Interim Title and appointing Johnson as Superintendent. State College School Board President Jackie Huff saying: “For the Board, it really was that he has such an integral physical knowledge of the District, really sets him apart.”

Among his priorities, Johnson looking to improve Students’ Academic Achievement and the District’s Graduation Rate. For that last one, he’ll look to a lesson learned from the pandemic. Johnson saying: “I plan to work with our virtual program, we have one that’s in-house, to help navigate that Curriculum for those Students to be successful.”

Johnson is well regarded for his personal interaction with Students, Staff and Parents. That outreach will continue. Johnson adding: “I’m interested in various Stakeholder groups to find common interest. One of the things we have to do for the following year is to come up with a new strategic plan. So I plan on inviting members of the community to be a part of that.”

Johnson jokes his first priority is changing the Title on his Office door. The State College School District includes close to 6,800 Students and 1,900 Employees.

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