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State College Area School District Safety Officers

The role of police officers in schools has come under greater scrutiny in recent years.

In the State College School District, there’s been talk the district may pull police out of their school buildings but at a school board meeting, administrators went to great lengths to clearly state that’s not the case.

Just minutes into the State College School board meeting Tuesday Morning, the school district’s Assistant Superintendent, Curtis Johnson, talked about a pending new contact with police, saying they value the SRO’s the police who are school resource officers and what they do for the school district, and they would like that to continue. The board President reiterated that point moments later

“So right now were working on our annual approval process for memorandums of understanding with the two police departments that provide coverage for our schools. I understand there’s been some misinformation circulating around out there. But currently our plan is a action items on our next agenda, renewal that provide the SRO’s to those buildings”

Two State College police officers talked about the roles of the SRO’s, including their extensive training programs, and their ability to quickly link various resources when needed.

Parents at the meeting spoke in support of the SRO’s some calling on the district to increase their numbers

“Our schools are safe, SRO’s have particular roles and responsibilities in our schools and that partnership has been a productive one for our district”

The State College School District this fall is conducting a school climate survey aimed at getting feedback form parents, students and others in the school community. Questions about the SRO’s will be included.

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