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State College Rape Case Challenged

An update now in a Centre County rape case where police used DNA evidence to arrest a suspect more than twenty years after they say a woman was brutally attacked in State College.

But the suspect, with well-known legal counsel, continues to challenge the evidence.

Scott Williams was arrested in October of 2021 and charged with raping a woman and leaving her for dead outside a downtown State College apartment complex in 1995.

Now, more than a year after being arrested, a trial date for Williams is more than likely still months away, mainly because his attorneys, through a series of pre-trial hearings, are questioning the validity of the original criminal complaint and warrants in Williams’ case, which were first filed in 2000.

That complaint was what is known as a “John Doe” warrant.

Police didn’t have a suspect when it was filed, just the DNA evidence at the crime scene.

Authorities say the DNA led them to Williams.

On Wednesday, during another hearing, the attorney representing Williams, via Zoom, was Barbara Zemlock, whose previous clients have included Bill Cosby in his sexual assault case.

Last month, prosecutors filed a motion for a Penn State expert to testify to provide information on DNA evidence, but Zemlock questions whether the expert will simply provide information or new evidence on statistical probability in DNA matches, which she charges would supplement the original criminal complaint and claims is not legal.

The pre-trial hearings in the Williams’ case will continue with another scheduled next week.

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