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State LIHEAP Program

While the weather is nice for Halloween, those cold winter months are right around the corner.

That means you’ll need to turn up the heat, which also turns up the cost of your heating bills.

“Nobody should ever have to worry about their heat shutting off during the coldest and darkest months of the year.”

State officials met near Harrisburg on Monday morning to announce the start of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program also known as LIHEAP for the 2022-23 season.

The annual program helps eligible low-income renters and homeowners pay their heating bills.

Applications will open Tuesday, November 1st and go until April 28th of next year.

“As we move into the winter and prepare to spend even more time indoors, home energy bills are only going to get more expensive. Additionally, we know that recent economic uncertainty and rising energy costs have made it more difficult for people to keep up,”

The minimum LIHEAP cash grant is $300 and the maximum is $1,000.

The money is distributed directly to the household’s utility company in the form of a grant that does not have to be paid back.

“This program helps some of the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable people children, older Pennsylvanians, people with disabilities, and low income families make ends meet and keep their home safe and warm throughout the winter,” said Titus.

They say also check with your other utilities electric, natural gas, water, and telecommunications which may have their own programs available.

“For struggling households across Pennsylvania, it can often be challenging to figure out where to start or how to get information on affordability programs. The answer is simple: call your utilities now,”

“The income limit for the program is 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Limit. For an individual, that is a gross income of $20,385 per year, and for a family of four, that is a gross income of $41,625 per year. Pennsylvanians do not need to know their own eligibility in order to apply for these programs. Those who have applied and were denied previously but have experienced a change in circumstances can reapply,”

Officials say to apply before winter gets here.

“I am encouraging anyone who may need help or anyone who has loved ones or neighbors who could benefit from this program to apply,”

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