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The Heritage Discovery Center

Encore Presentation

We take a walk in the footsteps of immigrants coming to Johnstown looking for work thanks to the organizers of the Heritage Discover Center. America: Through Immigrant Eyes is an interactive exhibit where you take on the role of a character based on the real people of that time. You learn about the goals of immigrants who arrived to work and eventually go back to their home country, and those who would call Johnstown their new home.

They explain the difficulty of life in those days and the work required by every member of the family to keep afloat. We explain the living arrangements of many immigrants, the Steamship Agency which acted as the postal service at the time, and some of the dangerous jobs that newcomers undertook in hopes of making a living.

The Discovery Center also features a media program where 2nd Generation immigrants explain their experiences and their parents’ experiences, and how they contributed to what it means to be an American.

Finally, you can see video of the process of steel making at the Bethlehem Steel Mill and the Heritage Discovery Center has made a program entitled “The Mystery of Steel” which explains how Johnstown was integral to that story.

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