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Towne Manor Motel Condemned

The Towne Manor Motel in Cambria County is set to be condemned. The notice came on Monday after City Officials say they discovered how poor the living conditions were in the Motel. Although the Motel looks vacant from the outside, City Officials say more than a dozen people were living there and now those Residents are upset they have to find another place to stay.

The Johnstown Fire Department received a call Monday afternoon that a woman was trapped in her bed at the Towne Manor Motel. When Officials arrived at the property, they discovered poor living conditions and the Building Coding Officer then put a notice on the door – giving Residents just a few days to leave the premises. Officials say upon entering the building – there was falling dry wall, exit restrictions, fire hazards and water issues.

Some Residents say they have lived in the Towne Manor Motel for decades and now they have no place to go. Gary Barni, a Resident of the Motel saying: “We just got this surprise notice yesterday so nobody’s even had the time to catch their breath, you know or contemplate you know, some, you know Plan B, you know action.”

Johnstown Building Code Official Dave Williams saying: “We could have them kicked out in 6 hours. We can have them leave the premises as soon as we were on site. So, I think giving them 2 days, 3 days is more than enough time to get their belongings and to get out of there and find other, other options.”

City Officials say Cambria County is aware of the situation and has some avenues to help find them a place to stay.

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