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Uprise In Drone Usage

Following the Christmas holiday, people are enjoying the gifts they’ve received. A handful of those gifts, being drones.

“I think our biggest message to get across, for those of you that might have unwrapped a drone for this holiday season, is to remember that that’s actually an aircraft. When you take that drone outside and you fly it, you’re actually sharing the sky with a lot of other aircraft.” says Kevin Morris, with the Federal Aviation Administration.

He says it is important for anyone to know about the laws in place, when they are flying their Unmanned Aerial System. (U.A.S.)

“The recreational U.A.S. Safety test, as we like to call it T.R.U.S.T., is really the first stop you should go, after you unwrap that drone.”

Drone experts say the “T.R.U.S.T.” test will tell you about rules from the F.A.A., so you can enjoy flying your drone, legally.

Morris says some of those rules and precautions include: Registering your U.A.S., checking the airspace you’re under, before you fly, keeping your drone below 400 feet, and always flying it within visual line of sight.

Officials say breaking these laws can result in “hefty” fines, and federal imprisonment.

They also say respecting others privacy, is appreciated. “The F.A.A. Does not regulate privacy, but we always encourage drone operators to be a good neighbor, when you’re flying your drone.”

Drone experts say, if you want to make money by flying drones, you will need to pass an aeronautical knowledge test, under F.A.A. regulations Part 107.

According to the F.A.A., it is a federal offense to shoot down a drone, as this will happen in national airspace, which starts immediately after leaving the ground.

To find further guidance for using a drone, visit the F.A.A. website.

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