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What Is Next For Canadian Wildfire Smoke

Weather trackers say areas like Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC seeing some of the worst of it Today.

Karin Caifa has the latest on where the biggest air dangers are now and where they’re heading next.

“I can feel it in my lungs and then I’m like, walking around, like I can get, it’s pretty, pretty intense.”

The Nation’s Capitol now in the thick of the hazardous haze

“I felt like I couldn’t really breathe, catch my breath as I usually would be able to.”

The Canadian wildfire smoke that’s been choking New York this week, is slowly pushing across the Northeast

Places like DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia suffering air quality ranging from unhealthy to very unhealthy.

“The fine particles can penetrate deeply into fragile lung tissue causing symptoms including cough, shortness of breath, and wheezing.”

New York slightly improving Thursday downgraded to unhealthy from hazardous on Wednesday.

Various airports in the region are experiencing ground stops or delays due to low visibility

The FAA listing the changing conditions for passengers at

The South not immune cities like Raleigh, North Carolina, and Louisville, Kentucky, experiencing varying alerts such as moderate or unhealthy for sensitive groups.

“Just kind of chill out, take a break, sit on the couch, watch some TV, do the podcast, read a book.”

Forecasters expect the smoke to roll over the Northeast, New England, and Midwest into the weekend.

But say a new storm system from the West next week should bring substantial relief.

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