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Williams 1995 Rape Case

Last year’s arrest of a suspect in a 1995 State College rape case surprised many including the man charged.

As Gary Sinderson reports, the case currently remains in pre-trial mode, with defense arguments expected soon.

An arrest more than 25 years in the making, Scott Williams of Reedsville last October on his way to the Centre County Courthouse annex charged with beating and raping a Penn State student along this State College street

The night before she was due to graduate in 1995.

The last court filing in the case a motion for trial postponement moves the case to the current term of court.

But it may be awhile, before it gets to a courtroom as the reasoning from Williams attorney for the trial delay refers to the complexity of the case and a soon to be filed defense motion. Police say after the woman was attacked

In 1995, they had no suspect for years.

According to prosecutors, Williams was identified by his DNA, matched to DNA from his family, and eventually linked to DNA at the crime scene.

That DNA trail, among the possible issues that Williams defense may challenge in court but at this point, no new court hearings have been scheduled.

Williams was released from prison, after his bail was lowered last December.

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