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Workforce Development Symposium

State leaders stopped by State College today

To discuss how they’re trying to improve workforce development across the state.

The three day symposium features vendors, presentations, and various discussions.

Tuesday’s discussion featured Executive Director of Critical Investments Brian Regli

And the Executive Director of the state’s Longitudinal Data System Colby Cavanaugh.

The state just recently put 2.9 million dollars into this data system.

Cavanaugh talked about how it is supposed to make things easier for people looking for a job.

Officials noting the state’s labor force is lower this year than it was before the COVID-19 pandemic.

He gave an example of how this system can help people figure out what steps they need to take to achieve their career goals.

“If i go to a particular institution what do my outcomes look like in terms of employment and earnings look like at one year, at three years, at five years. what do they look like if i pursue a particular credential, in a particular field of study, what do people that look like me experience in terms of those outcomes.”


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