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Wounded Scranton Police Officer Released From Hospital

Detective Gilmartin of the Scranton Police Department was transported from Geisinger in Scranton to a rehabilitation center in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Detective Gilmartin’s release from the hospital comes just less than two weeks after he was shot in the head twice in the line of duty.

To a crowd of his emotional peers in the Scranton Police Department along with Scranton leaders like Mayor Paige Cognetti, Detective Gilmartin.. wheeled into an ambulance to be transferred to a rehabilitation center in Southeastern Pennsylvania .

Gilmartin, dressed in his Scranton Police uniform, showed his gratitude and appreciation by shaking hands and raising *his hand to the crowd.

According to court documents, On January 11th, Aiden Deininger, a 20 year old Lackawanna County resident, shot into an unmarked police vehicle. Gilmartin was sitting in the passenger seat of that car and was shot twice in the head.. all while investigating two gang related shootings that happened earlier that evening.

Deininger is charged with three counts of attempted homicide of law enforcement officers, criminal homicide, and others.

Multiple businesses across Lackawanna and Luzerne County have been participating in numerous fundraisers to raise money for the detective’s long road to recovery after sustaining his injuries.

In response to the outpouring of support, Detective Gilmartin and his family posted a letter thanking the public for their support saying:

“Kyle and I would like to thank everyone for their love, prayers and support. We would like to especially thank the amazing staff at Geisinger Community Medical center, the men and women of the Scranton Police Department, the Pennsylvania state police and all the other departments that have offered their support in our time of need. We also would like to thank all the restaurants that supplied food, donations and held fundraisers for our family. Thank you to everyone from Northeast Pennsylvania and beyond

The Go fund me for detective Gilmartin has now reached over 190,00 dollars

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