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Centre County CATA-GO Services

There may be new avenues in resolving ongoing concerns about public transit in the Bellefonte area. With service cuts projected this Summer,

A new round of meetings is aimed at considering new options. Gary Sinderson has our update

The Centre Area Transportation Authority operates the CATA-GO service in the Bellefonte area. Financially its losing money for CATA

“We’re in the business of providing a public service, public transportation. We don’t want to discontinue any services At the same time were not permitted to operate a deficit. We need to figure out some say to cover that”

CATA proposed huge increases in what Bellefonte and two neighboring municipalities, Spring and Benner Townships, would pay to keep CATA-GO on the road, at current service levels. All three say they can’t afford it.

Thursday we find out Centre County Administrators have also been discussing options

“The commissioners did have a meeting with our transportation department, and various humans services about two weeks ago, the county is working on a plan to mitigate those issues in the Bellefonte, Spring, Benner areas

At public meetings, CATA riders distressed by the projected service cuts, hoping for the service to remain. The county commissioner chairman says some state, or county funding may be available

But more information is the first priority

“CATA is an authority governed and contracted by municipalities. We need them to figure out things for the future. Once the county has a better idea what CATA is doing, then we can tailor our response to what they’re planning”

A meeting next Monday is planned with the municipalities involved along with local legislators to discuss the CATA service issues in the Bellefonte area.

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