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Election Legal Challenge Costs

It’s a big election year and already there’s fears of more voting related lawsuits and legal challenges like the one that’s resulted from Centre County’s Primary Election last month.

For taxpayers, that also means more legal bills.

Is the Primary Election, mail in ballot lawsuit filed in Centre County, a preview in this Presidential Election year, of whats to come?

“We, I believe were sued 17 different times in 2020”

That’s just in Centre County. Nationwide in many of those suits, the initial rulings were then challenged with a court appeal, various County, State and Federal Courts, ruling in various ways on election and voting issues.

It all adds up to substantial legal bills. We asked whose paying them

“We do have money reserved for these type of lawsuits, but yes, it is essentially on the county taxpayer,however if we’re sued, I think at one point we had 14 different counties sued under the same lawsuit
so in those cases, the costs were split up 14 different ways.”

Right To Know requests also add to the legal bills. State Government Agencies in Pennsylvania, during and after the 2020 election cycle were named in more than 20 lawsuits, with their legal costs totaling close to $3.3 Million Dollars.

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